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In Pursuit of Happyness “Never write a post when you are angry.”

That was one of the first advices I got when I started blogging, and that is why I waited 4 weeks before talking about Will Smith’s film.

This is what I wanted to write initially: “Have you seen the movie In Pursuit of Happyness? If you didn’t don’t bother, I’ll explain it to you. A guy is poor. He gets rich. Money is happiness. The end.”

Why did I feel angry? The reason is simple: I think that the sophisticated way in which the “get rich or die trying” message is delivered might lead us to believe that maybe money IS happiness after all…

Can money make us happy? It is a well know fact that if our basic needs are met, more money do not bring more happiness. On this topic, you might enjoy reading a famous study on lottery winners, which shows how winning a large sum of money does not make us happier.

If winning the lottery does not make you happy, one might argue that succeding in climbing the career ladder is a different matter altogether: you have fought for your goals and surely you value what you have achieved. Unfortunately climbing might become a way of life, and as soon as you reach the top, hey presto, there is another peak to conquer.

Furthermore, many don't make it to the top: what happiness can they find if the world keeps telling them that only successfull people can be happy?

Finally, most of those who succeed pay a very high price in terms of family and personal health: If I ever get run over by a car, as it happens to Will Smith in the film, rest assured that I will go to the hospital, not straight back to work as Will does! “Get rich” is fine, but please don’t “Die trying”...

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