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Not Apple
Don’t think of an Apple.

Choose any thought you like, but don’t think of an Apple.

Now hold that “not Apple” thought for a few seconds...

Let me guess, for a brief moment, you actually thought of an Apple! :)

As Freud knew well, our unconscious mind doesn’t understand negation, and that’s why it is so difficult to “stop smoking”: how could we do that if all of we can think of is a cigarette!

Have you got a goal? Make sure it is positively worded, get the Child on your side, and imagine a moment in time when you've achieved it. Finally, visualize how you got there: what was the first step? Now you know where to start, chances are you'll end up getting what you really want.


Hey Marco, what a blog!
I enjoyed your comments on the "pursuit of happyness" and turning a boring activity into a pleasant one :)
Reading your blog made my Monday morning sunnier :)

Thanks Erica!
Reading your comment made my Monday afternoon happier too!
Marco :)

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