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In Pursuit of Happyness Taken from my first post on Personality Adaptations:

“Would you like to know what the new boss really wants, what the handsome Mystery man is really after, what that gorgeous brunette is truly looking for? Would you be interested in knowing something about their past, how they perceive their present, and what might await them in the future?"

When we were little, we found strategies to get our needs met and to adapt to the demands of our parents.

Thanks to the research of Dr. Stewart and Dr. Joines, we know that such strategies stay with us in adult life and can be grouped in 6 different Personality Adaptations.

Today, most of us can recognize themselves in two Adaptations: one is normally displayed socially, and the another one takes over when we feel in danger. For example, I am usually a Responsible Workaholic, but under pressure I often became a Creative-Daydreamer.

If you want to know more on the subject, check out this site or get the book: with so much good material already available I will not write about it for a very long while… ;)

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