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My psychology Professor used to say that we all hear voices in our heads: the only difference between us and psychotics is that we don’t actually believe there is someone speaking! Part of what such voices tell us is unhealthy. Sometime they might even attack us with false accusations: “You are a terrible mother” or “You are not worthy of that promotion and you should fail the interview”. The less we consciously listen, the more we unconsciously obey...

What would we do instead, if a real person were to unfairly attack us? We would probably defend ourselves, explaining why the accusation is just plain wrong. The good news is that we can learn to defend ourselves from our inner pessimistic voices too, as Professor Seligman has beautifully proven.

Treat yourself well, and if an inner voice starts bothering you, go ahead and defend yourself against it, exactly as you would do if a real person were to verbally attack you. Just don't do it aloud in front of people who have not read this post!


It is very reassuring to read that I am not the only one hearing them!

how do you defend yourself?

Good question Celeste.
A possibility is offering alternative explanations based on facts. For example, “An inner voice suggests I am a terrible mother, the reality is that I only forgot to fix the dinner for my kids this one time, and that I do take good care of them in general. In fact, I am a good mother, even if I can do little mistakes from time to time”. There are other ways: if you decide to look for them, you will find your very own strategies.

What if those inner voices tell me something good? What if they're not there to discourage me but to support me? What if, in times of need, they were what I'm looking for? I do listen to them, when they're good I simply follow the instructions, when they seem to be bad I accept the challange!
Happy Birthday by the way ^.^

You are right Ellie,
Our inner voices can be nurturing, can help us in time of need, and can challenge us to become an even better person. You have the choiche to accept what they say when it's constructive and to reject it when it's not.

PS: thanks for the happy birthday :)

It's not just ALL of those voices in my head that are distracting. It's the CHOCOLATE constantly crying out loudly from the other room.....EAT ME! Come EAT ME NOW!
I can hear it NOW....gotta go!

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