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In Pursuit of Happyness Nighty night. But then the nightmare begins… You might have one bad dream that keeps coming back. Let’s see how to get rid of the little bugger in 4 easy steps.

1. Tell your dream using the present tense: you are reliving it in this very moment

2. Describe your dream from the perspective of a positive character. ‘I am the Moon in your dream and I watch the Monster trying to harm you. I would like to help you, but my place is up in the sky, so I can’t come to the rescue’

3. Tell your dream from the perspective of ‘The Monster’. ‘I am the Monster in your dream. I see you from a distance, and I start running towards you because...'   PS: If there is no 'Monster' in your dream, adopt the perspective of any person, object or animal which plays a negative role (e.g. the Scary Owl)

4. Finally, tell your dream one more time, but instead of the old unsatisfactory ending, write a satisfactory new one. Use your imagination: you can have magic friends, you can give yourself superpowers, and you could even use a magic wand! Remember: you can change, you can add stuff, but the characters that were originally there must stay the same. Try different endings, you'll know you have found the right one because you’ll immediately feel relaxed, empowered, and maybe even amused!

WARNING: The 4 steps above are very powerful and can help you in several unexpected ways. For example, you might feel happier than you were before or your relationship with a loved one might suddendly improve. On the other hand, if you have ever thought about suicide, perform the 4 steps above only with the assistance of an experienced counselor. Adapted from Dr. Ian Stewart's advanced Redecision seminar.


Thankyou this has really helped me now !

I had numerous reoccurring nightmares when I was younger. Some truly odd ones (yeah, most people listen to one of my dreams...and sort of get this glass-eyed look) for which I unconsciously applied step 4 for years. Let me just say it takes a hell of a lot of run throughs to escape a chained desk in a school in a pyramid with a mummy.

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