LYRICS: God Cant Sleep When Ur Sad is a blog written by Marco Chase aka Marco Adragna.

She was feeling so very sad - Every man around her was a scum
She gave up on love and romance - She ain’t gonna fall for anyone

But life has a purpose: Do you remember the time when we talked about that?
Happiness is your purpose - So don’t be sad, because…

God Cant Sleep When Ur Sad - Sleeplessness God

I got your broken hearted message.
I called You.
I listened to all of your sorrow.
I Felt you.

So what do I mean with this song? Lets take a step back and let me ask you someting:
WHY ARE YOU HERE? I mean, in this world, not just on this web page :)

Maybe uv got an answer, maybe not: it's a difficult question, so let's try with another one:

If you observe yourself carefully it's immediately clear that you wish for happiness to stay and for suffering to go.
The truth of our wish for happiness is self-evident and can be experienced by each one of us.
So you know that you seek happiness and you know that you are here, alive, reading these words I've written.
God, the Universe, the Everything, Evolution or however you want to call him what brought us here
has designed us to seek happiness.
So unless God is a sadist, when you are unhappy He is not at peace.

- "But if God is not a sadist why is the world full of atrocities and catastrophes?" some people say.
God doesnt control everything: if he did, we would be puppets, not free human beings.

- "Does it mean that we should only seek pleasure?" I'm sometimes asked.
And to me, as long as we dont deprive others of the possibility to be happy (with violent behavior)
and as long as we dont deprive ourselves of possibilities for future happiness (with self directed violence and unhealthy behaviour)
then we should indeed seek pleasure! We should experience lots of non-violent pleasure and fun and enjoyment!
We should also look for ways to experience the least possible amount of physical and psychological pain.
In my opinion, the highest pleasure we can experience as humans is the feeling of being one with God (the Universe, the Everything, ..)
The truth of such statement is not self-evident and each one of us should discover it for himself.