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It is not possible. I have never seen anyone being happy very often.

I would feel too guilty. How can I smile when in Africa millions of children die of hunger?

I would have no friends. Everyone would envy me far too much to stick around!

It is too late. If it was possible to choose happiness, how could I justify all those years of sadness?

And yet…

Maybe it is possible. I have never met an astronaut, but I know some people fly into space.

Maybe I would not feel guilty. My sadness is not going to feed Africa’s children.

Someone might be envious. And yet how pleasant it would be to stick around happy me!

Maybe it is not too late.
I can’t blame myself for being sad,
when I did not know I could choose to be happy.


Be sure: happiness is for everybody. Our days are full of things and poor of feelings, but I trust in mankind. Even if I am not so often happy I believe it's on my own will to decide to be. Sometimes we have true reasons to be sad and to destroy the joy inside our hearts but I believe we can always try to watch inside little things to get the joy of love. To be happy is not a matter of laughs or fun but a state of my heart and mind.
I suffer when I forget that Love is above all the reason of my life.

to be happy we have to know what happiness is for us.
If you can be happy every day of your life maybe you can get the best of your daily experience...this is the secret ...your special point of view.

You can absolutely choose to be happy everyday, without feeling the slightest bit guilty. Once you realize that life is hard, it gets easier.

happiness what a big word ... it deserves to be big for it holds the hearts of many within it, happiness does not come from the events which shape your opinions or beliefs but of what comes from inside you that little thing they call choice. The choice which will make you happy is not a concious thought of "i am going to be happy", but a decision to be happy about the things that happen to you or the way you look at things. When you are feeling down look outside your window and see the beauty of nature look at the sky so beautiful and blue, with grey clouds covering momentarily the happy colour beneath, the clouds will leave and the sun will shine for eternity. When you are given an everyday task do it with enthusiasm, make it fun. Do silly wierd things just because its the spur of the moment. Reflect on how much everything means to you and most of all be opptimistic and love with all your heart. BEE HAPPY ! its a choice

Leonardo: I agree. Happiness is much more than just laughing, and there are times in our life in which sadness has it's place (e.g. when we suffer a loss)

Diego: What's happiness for you? Big question, and very important one too.

Ricky: "Once you realize that life is hard, it gets easier" That's a very interesting sentence which is worth pondering...

Emily: Choosing happines is not just thinking "i am going to be happy", but a much more profound decision. Very True.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts
Marco :)

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