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Couple He loves her. She loves him. Initially they were all over each other, but now things have changed.

Is loss of sexual appetite normal?

Absolutely: it might happen to both partners, but in women is more common.

I have personally experienced this problem and I know how helpless a man can feel in the face of a partner constantly rejecting his sexual approaches. As a counselor, I have also helped clients to overcome this challenge: the good news is that you can make things work.

The first step is to get a sense of what might be happening: why does a woman stop wanting her man?   Read more >>

8-Men Inspired by Dr Erskine’s study in significant relationships and by my personal experience...

The Strong Man
I hold you in my arms and I make you feel safe.

The Yes Man
I genuinely agree with you. What you think really matters to me.


An unexpected turn of events. Something goes wrong. And then a sense of déjà vu: life sounds like a broken record endlessly repeating the same old song...   Read more >>