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Man's eyes A few years ago, I thought that emphatic listening meant nodding every once in a while and emitting occasional grunts of approval!

What is Empathy instead? Empathy means seeing the world through the eyes of someone else and being able to communicate such experience. In order to do that, you need to suspend your judgment for a while, and temporarily adopt the cultural, moral, and religious background of the person you seek to understand. Finally, reflect back what you have seen, felt and heard: one way to do that is rephrasing and summarizing what the other person has just said.

What are the benefits of being empathic? Empathy breaks the barrier which separates us from other individuals and creates a warm sense of intimacy. Practice empathy and you’ll never feel alone again.


Feeling close to someone is its own reward.

Empathic listening is a very inriching experience and it's so much more rewarding than the superficial listening that we practice everyday. Probably empathic listening is the only real way of listening, all the rest is simply hearing.

I stumbled upon your blog post looking for an image of a man's eyes....I hope that you don't mind that I used this image? I will take it down if you wish. On to the subject at hand. Empathic listening is perhaps one of the most wonderful things that we can do for the others. yes, I am a natural born Intuitive and more inclined to Empathic Listening than most normal people. We can do it in so many ways, listening that is, but true empathic listening is also a healing gift, much more so than simply 'hearing'.

Many Blessings to you...

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