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Woman biting her fingers A stronger sexual drive can improve your overall experience of sex, and in turn benefit all aspects of your daily life.

Performance anxiety will become a thing of the past, and you'll be able to fully enjoy every lovemaking session.

The list below is packed with powerful tips: if one of them is not applicable to you, simply skip it and move to the next one.   Read more >>

Seduction Training “Sure, you won’t be the only man tonight.”

Those were my wife's words, and I was thinking of them whilst having a drink with 7 beautiful women and praying that the night would turn all right.

Now my single man readers will be thinking that I should be blessing my lucky star for such an opportunity, but you see, I am a married man, and spending a great night with 7 fascinating, good looking and intelligent women, dangerous ideas might creep into my head if I don't constantly watch out for them!

The night starts as usual: drinks, and then more drinks. Little did I know that we were going to run into a seduction-training night, AKA a BootCamp, of Celebrity Pick-Up Artist Tyler Durden.   Read more >>

Couple He loves her. She loves him. Initially they were all over each other, but now things have changed.

Is loss of sexual appetite normal?

Absolutely: it might happen to both partners, but in women is more common.

I have personally experienced this problem and I know how helpless a man can feel in the face of a partner constantly rejecting his sexual approaches. As a counselor, I have also helped clients to overcome this challenge: the good news is that you can make things work.

The first step is to get a sense of what might be happening: why does a woman stop wanting her man?   Read more >>

Weird Turn-ons Maybe you sometimes worry about your sexual habits:

"Am I normal or what?"

If that is the case, I have got good news for you: between consenting adults all goes, and here I have a list of some truly weird sexual tastes…

• Ailurophilia: sexual attraction to cats

• Acrotomophilia: love of amputation or amputees

• Autonephioplia: sexual arousal from diapers  

Dominatrix Sexual fantasies: we all have them, even when we say we don’t! Fantasies can help us in stimulating arousal, making intercourse more interesting when it actually comes…

In counseling, fantasies can be used to block out unwanted cravings or thoughts, and in psychosexual therapy they are great tools to refocus on sensual pleasure. In short, there’s every reason to enjoy our sexual fantasies, and no reason to feel guilty about them!

Usually our most secret fantasy is best kept in the imaginary world: acting out a fantasy might lessen the excitement value of it, and in the real world sex is different from how we fantasize about it...

Kelly is turned on by the thought of being forced to have sex against her will, but she would never want to be raped. Emily enjoys imaging what it would be like to make love to her next-door-neighbor, but she has no real desire to be unfaithful to her husband.

So if our secret fantasies are not mental rehearsals for something that we actually plan to do, what on earth are they, and what are they saying about ourselves?   Read more >>

Surprise “The fantasy model of sex dictates that men should be able to function and presumably enjoy sex without any special requirements. The fact is that we all have requirements and conditions.” says Dr Bernie Zilbergeld in "The New Male Sexuality".

We might fantasize that we could have great sex with any consenting woman, but the reality is that we all have conditions that need to be met in order to have good sex. Let’s review the most common ones:   Read more >>