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Global Warming I am not a cool kid.

I mean, If you ask my friends about it, first they’ll tell you some of the cool things I’ve done - like composing a hit song and singing it on Top Of The Pops - but eventually they’ll agree that my usual behavior prevents me from gaining any serious cool credo.

The fact is that I don’t feel ashamed easily, and if I feel like it, I might dance like tarantula bitten man, whilst wearing very unlikely items of clothing…

For most of my life, I have considered the idea of coolness superficial & fake: a restriction on my freedom which I could never tolerate.

What was the point of being cool anyway? Everyone wanted to be cool, so I could get more attention by breaking the social norm which defined coolness.

As a teenager, I couldn’t see that the coolness-factor has the power to put the spotlight on a worthy cause: make it cool and everyone will talk about it, make it cool and we’ll all want a piece of the action.

Global warming is a perfect example. For decades the situation has been urgent and getting worse (see graph), but the issue wasn’t getting much attention. And then… Green becomes Sexy, recycling gains a hip aura, the Inconvenient Truth is a blockbuster, Toyota Prius sells like crazy, and global warming is on everyone’s mind! There is still a lot to do to actually save our little planet, but now that even Bush is becoming concerned about carbon emission, I say the sky is the limit!

What would you like to be different in the world around you? Make it cool, and you’ll really help your cause, share any information which can increase its coolness-factor, and you’ll be helping society to make a positive change.

Personally, I can’t stand the anorexic & ill look which is considered trendy in fashion and advertisement. I mean, being naturally skinny is great, but healthy looking women with “something to hug”? That’s even better.

We are letting corporations tell us how we should look, and the result is big mess in which unhealthy is cool and healthy is passe’. I can tell you that nobody is getting any happier in the process… I badly want healthy looking women to feel super-cool as they are, and I want advertisement, cinema, and television to show us a more varied ideal of individual beauty. And that’s why I was so happy to see Hairspray. If you haven’t seen the latest John Travolta’s movie, you gotta run the cinema as fast as you can! Travolta’s performance isn’t particularly exceptional, but everything else is. The film is a new classic: it makes you laugh, and it makes you cry, and amidst all of the entertainment, it lets you experience timeless truths about human nature.

If you also think that healthy-looking-women are cool, and if you want corporations&media to hear your voice, please drop me an email now: I would like to tell you about a little plan I have, which badly needs your help if it’s ever to see the light….

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As a cool, healthy-looking woman I completely have to agree that I'm sick of supermodels with the bodies of pre-pubescent boys. I like having curves. It reminds me that I'm a woman.

Hooray for Larkin!

Yes, I'm certainly no size zero ... so also like to think that "healthy women are cool". My one concern is that "healthy" often seems to me to imply "curvaceous" ... from one extreme to another ... and I agree that a more varied ideal of beauty could be presented in the media, and also that feeling of beauty and confidence can come from within.

Hey Tamara!
If I am not misunderstanding your words, you raise two interesting points..

1- Healthy does not necessarily mean "Curvaceous"

I agree. On the other hand, for the vast majority of women who are not naturally super-skinny, the current ideal of beauty represent a threat. In order to come closer to such distorted ideal, those women would need heavy dieting and other practices which could seriously damage their health.

Of course obesity is also an health risk, and there are cases in which loosing weight could be good for you, but if your doctor says you are healthy, society should not make you feel wrong.

2- Feeling of beauty and confidence can come from within.

And I agree on this point too, again with reservations. As a counselor, I know the tremendous power that Family&Friends&Society have in influencing our idea of ourselves.

For Example, If my mother had always told me that I was fat, I would probably have issues with my body image.

Now, why could have she told me that I was fat? Well, the doctor said I was healthy, but I also was "larger" than the current standard of beauty...

give those katemosses a few years and we'll see who has done the the best lifestyle choices...

I think that sometimes "healthy" and "curvacious" can be a bit of a euphemism for having large breasts! Women (like men) come in all shapes and sizes.

Let's celebrate the differences!

So what is your idea for sticking it to the corporations? I'd love to see a change from profit driven models to a kinder, we're all in this together, approach.

Hey Kayci! The project is still a secret :) When this blog will be even more visited, then I'll tell you all about it, put it to work, and hopefully produce a positive change.

I may not be so healthy, but I like the way I look, and boys like the way I look. And I like boys (and girls), and I love to fuck with them. I don't need to be more healthy.

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