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Happiness You are dancing the night away. A genuine smile illuminates your face: ‘I am so happy! If only this night could last forever...’ Well, that night must end, but the positive feeling you have felt can last for an entire lifetime. You just need to make happiness a priority. Here. Now. Your happiness is more important than being successful. Your happiness is more important than being good. Put your true happiness first, and then everything else will follow.

Now back to the recipe, I have rambled on for too long! My 9 words recipe for an happier life is…

Regularly using your strengths in a state of flow
Let’s see how you can make this recipe work for your life.

1: Know your strengths
What are your character strengths? Do you know? Read a comprehensive list here and choose your top three, or go ahead and complete the Value In Action questionnaire to get the full picture. For example, I know one of my key strengths is curiosity: I love to ask a questions, and I could spend hours listening to the answer! I am also known as a very open-minded person, capable of looking at all sides of a problem and never jumping to conclusions. On the other hand, I don't score highly on courage and leading groups is not my cup of tea.

2: Exercise them regularly
Find a way to use your strengths in your current job or plan a career change! If you decide to change your profession, make sure you actually talk to people currently doing the job you'd like to do: that's one of the best ways to predict how much you’ll really like it! In my case, curiosity and open-mindness go hand in hand with working as a counsellor. I am sticking with it...

3: Learn to experience flow when exercising your strenghts
Read more about flow here and here. When I listen to someone else's life-story nothing else matters: I am completely absorbed, thouroughtly enjoying the process. On the other hand, since Leadership is not one of my key strengths, if I lead a group of friends in choosing a restaurant for the night, I end up asking everyone's opinion, discussing too many options, and we end up with an empty stomach!


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